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About Us


Our Philosophy

Since 1988, Young Achievers Learning Center has been a center dedicated to being child oriented. We pay attention to each child and their needs. We've been providing over 25 years of professional experience in childcare services.
Whatever is important to you and your child is important to us. We attend to every need of each child by engaging their emotional and social needs, one on one. We guide them by talking to them and encouraging each child to build friendships.
We believe that when a child recognizes trust, comfort, and success, they feel secure enough to create, learn, and explore new things. This is so important to their growth process.


We believe that our curriculum should be based on the basis that each child achieves and learns the most when they are shown a variety of learning experiences. We show children several learning experiences, as well as encouraging them to explore.
Each of our rooms is equipped for each child to learn and create through using puzzles, cooking, science, dramatic play, and blocks.
Their daily schedule is designed and adjusted to each attention span and age of each child. These activities include: crafts, arts, self-help skills, environmental science, language skills to encourage learning, creativity, and thinking.
Young Achievers Learning Center has been providing childcare services for over 25 years. Give us a call at (727) 323-4112 to find out more.

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